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AGANA jewelry is a niche family brand, the idea of which founders have gathered from Judaism, Kabbalah, family history and their own conception of art jewelry creation.


Every item is fully handcrafted in precious metals and gems with no machine work and it has no 100% similar copy. All AGANA jewelry pieces have own mood, power and name in Hebrew. 

AGANA jewels are [attractors] of chaos theory that reflect principle of nature and human being – [contemplation and destruction]. Since the beginning of the universe destruction brings harmony and harmony is the start of destruction. This contradictory power is the beauty which AGANA chants. 


AGANA is a combination of jewelry masterpiece and intentional artful negligence. It’s a combination of precious gems and avant-garde abstract texture. It’s a combination of external and internal. It’s a combination of physics and Kabbalah. It’s a combination of harmony and chaos expressed by author and translated through you.

"AGANA is a rare example of family brand: art-director Sheina Miretskaya and author-mother Elena created it in 2015.

From Elena's side - design and craftsmanship, Sheina's - the ideological harmony of the brand, in which Kabbalah, metaphysics of chaos and life, sacredness of the jewelry creation and family jewels are built-in brick by brick. At the level of design all this ideological undercover is visible: in jewels themselves there is some kind of negligence and fragility of form, avant-garde and abstractness, flow sensation. Each item has name in Hebrew, which increases it's potential to be a personal mascot, enhanced by the power of sapphire, ruby, alexandrite or citrine."

Tatiana Solovey, jewelry contributor, VOGUE UKRAINE
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